Johnny Come Lately

Continuing on with my James Cagney-O-rama, I watched this 1943 film, which was the first film produced by his brother William.

The story is about Cagney who is a vagrant (but a smart and lovable one) who helps the owner of a small town newspaper fight a local businessman who wants to close the paper down. Nothing original there.

As usual Cagney is his usual enthusiastic self, always entertaining to watch. Even in this comedy drama he was able to show off his fisticuff skills, he was going all out in a couple of scenes, and it was pretty physical stuff. The other actors do a decent job, and include the actress who played “Ma Kettle”, she was fun to watch too.

In this film we learn that Cagney can draw a decent caricature…


This is pretty treacly stuff on the whole, the violins and flute music playing throughout made it even more so, but it was worth watching for Cagney and Ma Kettle alone.

Date watched: February 13th
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2017: 35


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