Five vinyls

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Book of Numbers OST – The Book of Numbers is a 1973 crime film about two waiters in Depression-era Arkansas who get involved in the numbers racket. I don’t know much more about the film, the soundtrack is pretty cool, and the artwork features some nifty die-cutting.


Bob Dylan: Under the Red Sky – Album number 27(!) from Bob, released in 1990 and probably one of his most hated. Even Dylan himself has said it was not one of his best, the production being too slick, nursery rhyme songs and his own disinterest in the music business at the time.


The Beatles: A Collection of Beatles Oldies – This is the band’s first greatest hits release, coming out in 1966, plugging the gap while they recorded Sgt Peppers. The Beatles themselves had nothing to do with the album, so it is seen as a bit of a cash-in, the only track not released in the UK is Bad Boy, otherwise all the other tracks were already released. The album was deleted from their catalogue in 1987.




Michael Jackson: Off the Wall and Thriller – Op-Shop scores these, unfortunately Thriller is a bit warped but Off the Wall is in good nick. Both have gatefold sleeves and are classics of course, check out the creepy drawing Michael did of himself and Macca ripping a girl apart on the inner sleeve!


Album Count 2016: 278

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