Three more records


20 Supercharged Hits – There are loads of these rock compilation records to be found in op-shops, they mostly have bad covers with silly names like this one. This is a New Zealand made release, there are some gems to had, Al Stewart, Boney M, ABBA and The George Baker Selection to name four.


WIllie Nelson: The Electric Horseman – This is a soundtrack record for the film of the same name, released in 1979 the film is about ‘a former rodeo champion who is hired by a cereal company to become its spokesperson, and then runs away on a $12 million electric-lit horse and costume he is given to promote it in Las Vegas.’ – sounds thrilling. Robert Redford and Jane Fonda star. Willie occupies side one on this, while the composer of the film is on side two. You can see Willie’s smiling dial in the top right of the album cover.


Boots Randolph: Hit Boots – Yet another crappy instrumental record of the days hits, which was 1970 so we have Those Were the Days, Do They Know the Way to San Jose and Bridge Over Troubled Waters to toe-tap too. WIKI: Homer Louis “Boots” Randolph III was an American musician best known for his 1963 saxophone hit “Yakety Sax” (which became Benny Hill’s signature tune).

Album Count 2016: 272

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