Elegy to the Visitor from the Revolution

For my next film on Mubi I chose this 2011 drama from the Philippines.

I found on the interwebs that this was first going to be a one minute short dedicated to two film critics who were murdered in the Philippines. What it became though was a one minute short stretched out to 80 minutes. It was kind of dull.

The opening scene which lasted 12 minutes was of a prostitute on a city street just waiting. There was no dialogue and the camera was fixed in one position for most of it. The rest of the film was similar, just a shot of something mundane happening, little dialogue, and background sounds (on two occasions they seemed to forget to turn the microphone on). It was filmed quite nicely though in black and white.

The story was about a time traveller from the late 19th century during the fight for independence from Spain, and is checking out modern day Manila and looking rather depressed about what she see’s (it was not explained at all that the woman was a time traveller, I read that somewhere beforehand). There was also the story about the prostitute, three criminals, and a musician playing guitar, and supposedly all three stories were intertwined. The film was split into three parts, and seemed not to be in chronological order. Maybe the director watched Pulp Fiction the night before.

I guess serious art house critics would say this is a brilliant film and use big words such as isolationism, gasconading, and sesquipedalian in their reviews. I would just say this is kinda boring, but it has some nice shots, and gave me plenty of time to ponder how I was going to write this review.

Date watched: February 9th
Score: 2/10
Film count 2017: 32


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