La Haine

I started watching this less than two hours before the midnight expiration on Mubi.

The story is about three French youths living in a housing project in the suburbs of Paris. It is set over a 19 hour period as the three walk around the city, one with a police pistol that the policeman lost during riots, looking for trouble, philosophising about life, and having run-ins with the police. Many of the situations in the story were based on real events that were happening at the time (1995), such as police brutality and the riots in the city.

The story is very simple actually, but it is the dialogue, cinematography, and excellent acting which make this film worth watching.

Vincent Cassel plays the angriest of the three, he wants to get revenge on the police for the shooting of one of their friends, with his two friends constantly trying to talk him out of it.

The black and white photography in this is great too (it was shot in colour, but the director changed in to B&W in post production), and there is some great camera work, especially this scene.

The locations used were pretty depressing looking places, not what we normally see in a film shot in Paris, and look just like the housing projects in England or America. From what I have read about them not much has changed about them since 1995.

This site is a good read about the photography and story.

Another excellent film on Mubi, which I will continue to use after my one month free trial.

Date watched: February 6th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 31


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