Mike Oldfield vinyls


Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells – Young Mike’s debut (he was 19 when he recorded this!) and probably his most well known record. My version is scratchy as hell so whoever owned it before me was a bigger fan than I. This record launched Virgin Records. It is top stuff.


Mike Oldfield: Hergest Ridge – Album number two from Mike, this went straight to number 1 toppling his own record, Tubular Bells (The Beatles and Bob Dylan are among other artists to have done this), again, my copy is scratchy as anything so I don’t spin this much.


Mike Oldfield: QE2 – Album number six, and well dated it is too. Only had a cursory listen but the 80s sure did throw out some unlistenable stuff to these modern ears. Features an ABBA cover.

Album Count 2016: 266

You will recognise the start of this from a famous movie:

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