Great Guy

This 1936 film starred James Cagney as a tenacious and pugnacious inspector for the New York Department of Weights and Measures.

He has to fight corrupt businessmen and city officials who try to bribe him to look the other way, but James is a great guy and fights back, even when they resort to bring in the heavies.

The story itself is nothing special, and it is only Cagney that makes this film worthwhile watching. As in all of the films I have seen him in so far, he was a whirlwind of enthusiasm, confidence, and charm. As in Blood on the Sun, he does his own stunts, mostly involving fisticuffs, and in one scene is rather aggressively flipped over the shoulder of a very large fellow and crashes heavily into a wall, it looked pretty rough.

Co-starring was Mae Clarke who was in The Public Enemy with Cagney, and was the recipient of the famous grapefruit-to-the-face scene (I have yet to see that film).

For such an old film, 81 years old in fact, this looked and sounded pretty good, even on YouTube, although some frames seemed to be missing as I would miss the occasional word.

Not essential viewing, but I liked it.

Date watched: February 4th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2017: 27


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