Rise of The Offspring

This week saw two visits to Mandai Shoten, one of my sources of used CDs. I went there on Monday night as I just felt like it, and today with James as he wanted to buy some comics there today.

The Offspring, Rise,and Fall, Rage and Grace album
I have gone The Offspring nutty after buying my first CD from them last week. This album was released in 2008, and is good stuff.

The Offspring, Conspiracy of One album
I haven’t listened to this 2000 release yet. The cover has a flaming skull… must be good then.

The Offspring, Splinter album
This and the following were all bought today. I have yet to listen to this.

The Offspring, Want You Bad EP
This has five tracks, with the title track coming from the Conspiracy of One album. There is a good cover of Autonomy by The Buzzcocks, and a couple of live tracks. They sound like a good band live.

Nirvana, From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah album
It is Nirvana, and it was cheap. Good combo.

Sum 41, Underclass Hero album
Sum 41 are a good punk band from Canada, kind of the Canadian version of Green Day.

Green Day, Shenanigans album
This is a compilation of B-sides, rarities, covers, and an unreleased track.

All of the above CDs were cheap, all up it cost me less than the price of two Big Mac combo meals (I always order fries and a diet coke in my combo). So, not only am I getting good music, I am also doing my health a lot of good.

Album count 2017: 15

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