Supergrass discography

A couple of weeks ago I went through my entire Supergrass collection, which is all of their albums and an EP or two, followed by a Gaz Coombes solo album.

By far the best albums are their first album I Should Coco , and the second album In It For The Money. I actually like the second album slightly more than the first, it is more mature and just as catchy as the first.

Following closely behind those two are their self-titled album, Life On Other Planets, and Road To Rouen, all good solid albums.

The last album, Diamond Hoo Ha, is a bit forgettable though, good, but forgettable with no real stand-out songs.

Gaz Coombes album “Matador” is refreshing and shows that life after Supergrass is actually pretty good. It could well be a Supergrass album, it has the same kind of sound. The members of Supergrass seemed to not get along well musically, so decided together to move on, and did it via email.

I am glad I saw them live way back in 2000 in Christchurch, it was a great gig. I took this photo with an early digital camera that used floppy discs… ah, how techonology has moved on!


All releases listened to:
Diamond Hoo Ha
I Should Coco
In It For The Money
Life On Other Planets
Mary (EP)
Road To Rouen
Sun Hits The Sky (EP)
Gaz Coombes, Matador

Discography score: 8/10

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