First CDs of the Year

I haven’t been buying much so fat this year, but here is what I have so far.

Skindred, Roots Rock Riot album
I heard of this band many years ago and kind of liked them, but didn’t actively seek out an album. But, I saw this album used at a place called “Hard Off” (a secondhand good shop) in the CD section. Skindred are a Welsh band that are primarily metal, but mix in a big of reggae and punk. Pretty good stuff too.

The Monkees, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. vinyl album
Also at Hard Off, I bought this vinyl LP pretty cheaply. As it was an album I remember from my school days back in the 20th century I just had to listen to it again. I have not at this point though listened to it, I need to hook up my turntable to the computer when I can be bothered. Still, I remember all of the songs well, can play them in all my head. The best track is “Pleasant Valley Sunday” if my mental playback is working well.

Punk-O-Rama, Vol. 6 compilation
These American punk compilations are pretty easy to find used here and there, and are usually cheap. I got this one at Book Off for 280 yen. There are 23 tracks in total, most from familiar bands including the next band.

Millencolin, Home From Home album
I didn’t hear this band on Punk-O-Rama, Vol. 6, but on another album, and I kind of liked it. So I found it used on Amazon for 1 yen (plus 350 yen postage). They are a Swedish punk band that formed in 1992. Not listened to at this point.

The Offspring, Americana album
Another band that you will find on Punk-O-Rama compilations is The Offspring. I never really took much notice of them, but I found this album cheapo at Book Off so decided to give it a go. They have been around since 1984, and along with Green Day and Rancid are credited with reviving mainstream interest in punk. And this album is pretty good, quite funny and positive.

The Offspring, Smash album
I liked Americana so much that I decided I needed their first album, which is supposed to be the best. I haven’t listened to this yet, just received it in the mail today (1 yen + 350 yen postage), but I am looking forward to it.

Gwen Stefani, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. album
Gwen Stefani is of course the lead singer of No Doubt, a band I quite like. So, I have Gwen’s solo stuff as well, which is pretty good stuff too, if you don’t mind a bit of alternative pop. Not listened to this yet, although I have heard some of the songs on it here and there.

The Qemists, Spirit In The System album
I have a few Qemists releases already. They are a drum and bass/rave/rock band from Brighton in the U.K. This album is not bad, and a little different to their earlier releases, more polished.

Music count 2017: 8

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