Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

I actually watched Blood On The Sun over two sessions, so after finishing that last night I watched this because it was only 65 minutes long, and it starred Boris Karloff.

This is the fourth of the Dick Tracy series, and had a different actor playing Dick. Morgan Conway played Dick in the first two, Ralph Byrd in the last two. Ralph Byrd had actually played Dick in dozens of serials starting in 1937.

Compared to the first Dick Tracy film, this one was heavier on the comedy and lighter on the sleuthing. The jokes were considerably cornier and sillier, especially with the overuse of double-takes by Pat Patton, Tracy’s bumbling sidekick.

Appearing in this was the fab Skelton Knaggs from Dick Tracy vs. Cueball, and Milton Parsons who was in the first film and Cueball.

The star of the show though was Boris Karloff (who got star billing) as a ruthless criminal. He was quite menacing, and was quite a big chap. His character, Gruesome, comes across a nerve agent that instantly paralyses people (the film makers just froze the frame to make them look frozen, including a cat in mid jump) and uses it to easily rob a bank. There was a line in the film where Pat Patton describes Gruesome looking a lot like Boris Karloff. Nice!

Skelton and Boris

Dick Tracy is of course on his tail, and with the help of Pat Patton, his bumbling sidekick, and Tess Truehart, his lovely gal, he saves the day. It all ends with Pat Patton knocking over the nerve agent, freezing the three of them.

Silly stuff, but worth watching just for Boris alone.

Date watched: January 28th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2017: 22


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