Hell’s House

I think this is the first Bette Davis film I have seen, in this 1932 Poverty Row film which was only the sixth in her career, and the film she made after this, The Man Who Played God, would be her breakthrough in to film stardom.

The story was about a boy (played by an actor would would die three years later in a car accident) who was sent to reform school for not snitching on a bootlegger he had befriended. The reform school forced the boys to work hard, and with the help of a reporter the boy got the story out about the school, and tried to save a friend there who had a heart problem.

Bette Davis played the girlfriend of the bootlegger. Her character was sassy and abrupt, very much like Bette Davis herself. The Bette Davis page on Wikipedia is very interesting reading, she seemed to be a very headstrong and difficult actress, but also quite brilliant. API lists her as the second greatest actress ever after Katharine Hepburn, and before Audrey Hepburn. She is a possible candidate for the MBMS Page of Fame, I need to watch a few more of he films though.

Also in this film was Pat O’Brien who like Bette Davis, would go on to become a major star in Hollywood, with his last performance being on an episode of Happy Days.

Anyway, the story was a bit simple and unoriginal, but because of the acting from the three main protagonists it was worthwhile.

Date watched: January 24th
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2017: 18


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