Vinyl catch-up


10CC: Deceptive Bends – Album number 5 from this rather dull band. Funny album cover though. Godly and Creme had left the band before this was recorded, so it’s 5CC really.


Traffic: The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys – Album number five from this not rather dull band. Stevie Winwood and his band make some pretty interesting music. The cover has two edges chopped off it, to make it look like a spacey box.


Chuck Berry: The London Chuck Berry Sessions – This is a tops record, side one has 5 tunes but the real gold is side two which is live, recorded at the Lanchester Arts Festival in Coventry in early 1972, absolutely brilliant and dirty. Only three tunes including an 11 minute version of My Ding-a-Ling which was edited down to 4 minutes for Chuck’s first and only single to reach number one in both the UK and US. At the end of the last song, Johnny B Goode, you can hear someone trying to clear the concert hall as there are 2000 people waiting outside to come in and see Pink Floyd, but the crowd are stamping and chanting ‘We Want Chuck!’

Album Count 2016: 254

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