The Thing With Two Heads

For my “Poster of the Moment”, I randomly search on the internet for something, and yesterday I found the poster for this 1972 film which I liked. So, that night I decided to check out the actual film.

It was pretty crappy, as I was expecting, but there were a few intentional and plenty of unintentional laughs. The poster shows a two-headed freak on a motorcycle, so that is what I was waiting for when I watched this.

The story involves a brilliant but bigoted doctor who is a specialist in transplants of all kinds. He is seriously ill though, and to save his own life decides to get a body transplant after successfully trying it out on a gorilla. To get a donor body he asks the governor, and the governor suggests a death row inmate. The doctor becomes very ill and goes into a coma while waiting for a body. His assistant has to accept a death row inmate who is African American as time is short and there are no other donors. So the operation goes ahead and it is a success. The doctor wakes up first and is shocked to see he is now connected to an African American body, still with it’s original head.

The real head wakes up, his name is Jack, and he is not pleased also, and still claims innocence over the murder he was accused of. Jack decides he has to prove his innocence, so after only a few days goes off to solve the crime. Long story short, Jack gets Don Marshall (he was in Land of the Giants, and died last year aged 80) to remove the doctors head (which is left on life support), and at the end Jack, his girlfriend and Don Marshall are driving in a car singing “Oh Happy Day”!

Don Marshall

All in all it was terribly made, but the motorcycle chase and subsequent destruction of 14 police cars was amusing because it was so absurd. All of it was absurd really, and I like a bit of absurd.

Terrible, but good.

Date watched: January 16th
Score: 3/10
Absurd score: 7.5/10
Film count 2017: 13


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