Raw Deal

This is a low grade 1948 crime noir film starring a few actors I have never heard of, except Raymond Burr.

The story was about a criminal who busts out of prison with the help of his girl. What they don’t know is that a sadistic mobster who owes the crim some money, facilitated the break in the hope that he would get killed. Also in the story is a social worker who tried to help the criminal go straight, but also was in love with him. So the story is a mixture of the three of them on the lam, a love triangle, and revenge on Raymond Burr.

It was though just an OK story. The acting was fine on the whole, and the photography was dark and moody (most of it took place at night). Raymond Burr was great as a nasty mob boss who liked to play with fire. In one scene he gets ticked off with a woman who was annoying him, so he throws some kind of flambé over her (we didn’t actually see her get flamed).

Raymond was a huge guy with the widest shoulders I have ever seen.

Raymond starting to get annoyed.

Standard stuff, but worth a watch just for the photography, and Raymond Burr’s evilness.

Date watched: January 14th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2017: 12


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