Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam – Part 1

Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, or The Man Who Saved The Earth, is a 1982 Turkish Sci-Fi adventure that used plenty of unauthorised footage from Star Wars IV, as well as music scores from several Hollywood films, and could easily be called the worst (or best) Turkish film of all time.

The best way to review this film is with the help of images, words alone cannot describe this nutty film.

It started with the credits of course. They were rising from the bottom of the screen, and were erratic in speed. Some were slow to rise, some went by quite quickly, and one in particular flew up so fast that there was no time to read it.


The film started with aforementioned unauthorised footage from Star Wars and a narrator explaining the back story of Earth being destroyed by an alien race, and then it got so weird that I couldn’t figure out what the heck he was going on about.


We are introduced to our two heroes, Murat and Ali, who are space fighter pilots. Here, Murat is wearing a modded motorcycle helmet, and seems to be sitting in front of the screen at a movie theatre as it plays Star Wars.


Ali talks about women a lot in the film. The music playing in this scene was the theme for Raiders of the Lost Ark.


For reasons unexplained at this point our two heroes instantly find themselves on an alien planet, minus their spaceships, and are in a rocky desert. Murat hypothesises that they are on a planet that is inhabited by women only. So, he asks Ali to “Whistle that famous tune of yours that no woman can resist”, but instead of summoning the ladies, it summons skeletons on horseback which they immediately do battle with.


Eventually though they lose the battle and are taken to a settlement where villagers are being roughed up by Cylons, skeletons, and various other thugs. We also meet the leader, who doesn’t seem to have a name. He gets quite excited when he see’s the heroes…


After watching the villagers being roughed up, Murat and Ali decide to do something about it, so they go into battle again. The Raiders March again plays as they kick ass.


They were outnumbered, so they make a hasty retreat. Some villagers give them refuge, and as it turns out Murat’s hypothesis about a planet of women is dashed, there is in fact only one woman who does not talk, and a whole lot of men and boys.


Meanwhile, the evil villain proclaims that he will find Earth and destroy it (over some footage of Star Wars again), which is confusing as at the beginning of the film the nutty narrator said Earth was destroyed… I think.

Death Star crew get ready to destroy Alderaan

In the next room some creatures rise from their holes in the ground, or out of holes in the wall, probably a metaphor for something…


…so Murat and Ali spring into action again. Unfortunately though, there are too many so they make a hasty retreat again, taking as many villagers as they can with them. The death toll is quite high.

This creature killed many.

Next, we are treated to a montage of Murat and Ali beefing up to better prepare themselves for future rumbles. Here is Murat karate chopping a rock…


…and Ali lifting rocks.


And here is the intense look on Murat’s face as he mentally prepares himself to karate chop a large rock in half with his bare hands, which he does with ease.



After training, the silent woman treats Murat’s bloodied hands, and a romance blossoms.


The training continues with Murat tying large rocks to each leg, then jumping. After a while he takes them off, and is now able to leap superhuman heights…


…this comes in handy later on in the film.

Murat and Ali then decide to go to the Mos Eisley Cantina because they have a hankering for a punch-up, and do battle with various alien creatures. The red creature was the weirdest one in the whole film, like some kind of demented Elmo…


Watch the whole scene here.

After the fighting, the evil space alien appears on a table and makes a speech about how great and powerful he is, how much he hates Earth and wants to destroy it, says he has the woman and a child as hostages, and asks them if they would like to join his gang. They are then taken prisoner and given some new threads…


Ali is taken to the alien queen who tries unsuccessfully to seduce him to the dark side, and Murat meets the chief alien and refuses his offer to join the crew.

Ali and the Queen

Murat talking with the boss alien, flanked by Robbie the Robot and some Cylons

The alien king then tells Murat what will happen if he does not comply, and brings out the woman and child to make his point. As the woman and child are taken away she yells out “Leave us alone!”, even though she is not supposed to talk at all. Murat see’s red and goes berzerb, and launches into a lengthy battle with the alien creatures around him.


At this point we are half way through the film. I will continue with part two of this exciting adventure later.


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