At work I need to block out external (my workmates) sounds when I’m designing. So what better way than to listen to some tunes, but I thought I’d take it a step further and listen to entire discographies (in chronological order) by artists, and thanks to YouTube I can do just that. So why not start with a band who have released 19 albums. I’m not going to include live albums or compilations (TMBG have 10 compilation records!), and I won’t be going into any great detail as that would take me ages to write.

Maybe we could make a new category for this?

They Might Be Giants – 19 Albums
The first three TMBG albums I know pretty well of course, I remember the debut being on high-rotation at 1 Homer Place in CHCH. Factory Showroom was a pleasant surprise, great tunes all of them, and nicely produced. They begin to get a little ho-hum around 2007, starting with The Else (2011’s Join Us is a great record though), still totally listenable though of course, and there are some gems of songs on the more ho-hum albums. The Glean album has excellent videos, they made a video for every track, and they did the same for Phone Power. Plus the children’s albums are great, there are five of those.

My most favourite TMBG song is Ana Ng.

Favourite album would the first.

Next up, I might go through Beck’s recorded history.

One thought on “DISCOGRAPHY REVIEW – They Might Be Giants

  1. jason January 13, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    Good idea! I have added a category under “music”, and added it to your post. I will start listening to the entire Supergrass discography from tomorrow.


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