The Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang – Late career record from the Stones, not had a decent listen but gets good reviews. Ronnie Wood was absent from most of the sessions so only played on 10 of the 16 tracks. Wonder what else was he busy with?

Dexter Gordon: Ballads – Nice stuff from Dexter.

Bryan Ferry: Taxi – This is a covers record from Bryan, I Put a Spell On You, Girl of My Best Friend, All Tomorrow’s Parties and Amazing Grace get the Bryan treatment. From 1993 so a tad dated.

Chicago: Chicago IV – From the vintage year of 1973, a good rollickin’ record.

British India: Thieves – First tune on this is called God is Dead, Meet the Kids. That gives you a good idea of the rowdiness inside. Aussie band from Melbourne.

Peter Garrett: A Version of Now – Peter has ditched the political sphere and is back to making records. This is pretty good, good jaunty rock with political lyrics. Of course. Tops.

Mercury Rev: The Light in You – Latest album from the Revs. As always its tops.

Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker – Leonard’s final record, which sounds like he knew it would be his last (even though a lot of his songs always seem his last), and a corker it is too. His son Adam produced, coaxing the songs out of his Dad who was singing from a wheelchair in his living room in LA.

Modest Mouse: Strangers to Ourselves – Excellent record from Modest Mouse, I need to hear more of this stuff.

St. Vincent: St. Vincent – I first St. Vincent on her excellent record she did with David Bryne, this solo record is just as grand.

Bruce Springsteen: Essential – I picked this 3-CD set of Bruce’s hits at The Warehouse in NZ for a pretty decent price. It has all the hits plus one disc of rarer tracks. Tops. And a great CD to end 2016 with, it’s been the year of the Bruce.

Album Count 2016: 243 – Not final count, still have a bunch of vinyls to add!

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