Dick Tracy vs. Cueball

More of the same in the second film of the Dick Tracy series.

Dick is on the heels of the diamond thief/hatband strangler “Cueball”, as well as the masterminds behind the heist. Appearing again was The Hoff’s mother, but the actor playing Dick’s son changed. Also appearing again was Lyle Latell as Dick’s loyal but dimwitted right hand man, Pat Patton, and Milton Parsons as an antique shop salesman.


The acting in this was better than the first film, and there were more attempts at comedy. The story just followed Dick as he found clues and followed up leads as he tracked down Cueball. For added comedy an English character by the name of Vitamin Flintheart as an “aged thespian” helped Dick using his acting skills. He spoke in thespian speak and was rather funny, and apparently did a good impersonation of John Barrymore (Drew’s grandfather).


Cueball. It was hard not to stare at his pointy head.

Another interesting character was “Rudolph” as a shady diamond expert…


The story took many liberties such as how Dick indentified Cueball as the killer. He knew Cueball killed people with his hatband, and after his son showed him an ad in a magazine for hatbands, contacted the place that made them, which turned out to be a penitentiary! He then found out who had been released from the penitentiary recently and found it was Cueball. He then declared that he is the murderer!

Just like the first film it was not all that thrilling. But it was just so silly at times that it was kind of entertaining.

Date watched: January 12th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2017: 9


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