This may well be the last Marvel movie I watch, there are just too many of them and it’s bit of a chore to keep with all the storylines. This is entertaining, it has all the references to other Marvel films you would expect as well as a bit more humour (written by Adam & Joe, quite a funny British duo) but I think I’m done with these, the Avenger films are just getting too over bloated and a few of the actors involved are looking a bit bored with it all too. Plus I really can’t be arsed sitting through the credits (or even fast-forwarding them) to see the hidden scene at the end. And with Star Wars ramping up I’d much rather expend my energy on that far superior and classy (no secret end credit scenes!) franchise.


Interesting article here.

Date watched: 13th December
Score: 7.5/10
Movie count: 45

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