Falling Down

This is a film I saw many years ago (before this blog began), and I have had a hankering to watch it again, so I did last night.

The story is about a guy, played by Michael Douglas, who snaps and goes berzerb, resulting in a crime spree through the suburbs of Los Angeles. Things really heat up after he acquires a gym bag full of weapons, and then decides he needs breakfast from a burger joint. This scene is quite funny, yet disturbing at the same time.


He tries to make his way to his ex-wife’s house so he can celebrate his daughter’s birthday, but his wife wants nothing to do with him and tries to get the cops to stop him, resulting in a showdown on a pier at the end.

The story also follows Robert Duvall who is a cop on the last day of work before retirement, and with the help of Rachel Ticotin tracks down Michael Douglas.

It is not an outstanding film at all, but for some reason I just like the story of an honest yet tormented man falling apart, his frustrations with modern society, and being consumed by the dark side.

Date watched: January 5th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2017: 4


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