13 Rue Madeleine

I returned to the films of yore with this 1947 film starring James Cagney.

Cagney is an O77 (based on the O.S.S., Office of Strategic Services, precursor to the C.I.A.) espionage training instructor in World War Two who has been told there is a German infiltrator in a group of trainees. He has to find out who the infiltrator is, and what his mission is. The story ends up in France (filmed in Canada) where there is a mission to help prepare for the invasion of Europe.

Mostly it was a well told story, paced well, and acted well. Cagney played a different kind of character, but he was still the same Cagney, always confident and energetic. Despite his stocky build he was quite the athlete. There was a scene where he was teaching the trainees to tumble and he could do it very well I must say.

Throughout the film a narrator talking in a very propaganda documentary voice was explaining things which ruined it a bit.

The ending came swiftly and suddenly as many of these old films tend to do, but it was a good ending nonetheless.

Not the best Cagney film at all, although it was a success in the day. Cagney was paid the equivalent of US$3.2 million bucks for his part.

Date watched: January 3rd
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2017: 3


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