Cop Car

This is another DVD I chose without knowing what it was about, but again it turned out to be gold.

The story was very simple: two boys running away from home come across a cop car in the middle of nowhere (this was filmed in Colorado) and go for a joyride. Meanwhile, Sheriff Kevin Bacon was not far away hiding the body of someone he murdered. He goes back to where his car was and upon finding it gone sets about getting it back. There is one more part to the storyline, but I don’t want to ruin the best part.

Despite being such a simple plot the film moved along well, mostly because of the great acting by the two boys (both about 12 years old at the time), Kevin Bacon as the creepy and dangerous sheriff, and the great photography and locations. The script was also well done.

It is violent in places, and seeing the two boys play around with the guns made me cringe a little.

Hopefully the third film of the year can be as good as the first two.

Date watched: January 2nd
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 2


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