Last CD of the Year

Yesterday I bought what is definitely the last CD of the year, The Beatles’ “Let It Be… Naked”, which is a remastered and remixed re-release.

It also comes with a second CD that has studio outtakes and conversations. The problem with this CD is that instead of being normal audio tracks, it is a software program that runs a music player, and my Windows 10 computer cannot run software intended for XP computers. So, I dragged my old XP laptop out of the closet, installed Audacity, and recorded the whole thing in FLAC format. I guess future proofing a release was just not considered when Apple Corp made this release.

It comes with a nice cover and booklet with lots of juicy Beatles tidbits about the recording of the album.

So my final music count for the year comes to 148, not a bad number but I was hoping to go higher. Next year, money permitting I may be able to hit 1000 CDs and downloads.

Album count 2016: 148


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