Killer Dill

I thought it was time I watched an old comedy film, even though most comedies made around this time (1947) tend to be corny and quite un-funny. The best comedy films are Buster Keaton or Marx Brothers films, made in the 1920’s and 30’s of course.

But, for a B-grade film this was not too bad, or good. Some jokes were corny and cheesy, but I do remember laughing at least once, so that is not too bad. The acting was typical B-grade comedy acting, a mixture of silly jokes and attempts at slapstick.

The story was nothing original. It involved a mild mannered chap who decided he had to become a toughie to attract the ladies, but immediately gets into trouble with the mob and ends up being wrongfully charged with moider. His lawyer friend steals his girl, and also represents him in court, leading to more trouble.

This was set in prohibition 1931, but the director and production crew did nothing to set it in that period, everything was modern 1940’s.

This was not terrible, but nothing really worth watching either.

Date watched: December 25th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2016: 203


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