Last CDs of the Year (possibly)

Sex Pistols, “Kiss This” – I have always been fascinated with the Sex Pistols. They were a bunch of ruffians, but their music changed the music world forever, not many bands have done that.
Underworld, “Barking” – Average stuff.
Part Chimp, “I Am Come” – I came across this band somewhere on the interwebs, thought they were decent, so bought a used CD online. Not too shabby.
Muddy Waters, (no album title) – This was released by some obscure label, and of not too decent sound quality. Just a bunch of songs recorded live.
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, “Some Loud Thunder” – Good stuff.
Bad Religion, “Suffer” – Unlistened to at this point.
Stereolab, “Dots and Loops” – First purchase from this band. Looking forward to listening to it.
Jearl Pam, “Yield” – Jearl Pam’s early albums were good, but their later stuff fizzed out a bit, so I am not sure what to expect from this one.
The Strokes, “Is This It” – Heard this before. Likes.
Kasabian, “Empire” – Looking forward to listening to this.
The Fall, “I Am Kurious Ojanj” – Really looking forward to this one.

Album count 2016: 147

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