Star Wars: Rogue One

James and I went to the cinema today, our first and only time this year, to see this fantastic film.

The theatre was nowhere near full, although it was the 1:20 pm session. The audience, as usual for Japan, was quiet throughout, although I did hear the older couple next to me make a stiffled “hehe” once or twice. Also normal for Japanese audiences, most people sat in their seats until the end credits had finished and the lights went on (as James and I did).

Anyway, it was a stupendously good film, all the right buttons were pushed, and there were references and characters from the first films everywhere to look out for, including hearing but not seeing the little toaster droid that Chewbacca scared away in Episode 4. The CG of Peter Cushing was a bit jarring as it was obvious, but there are still limits on how lifelike CG is these days, so no biggie, and it was still pretty well done. It had James fooled. Same for Carrie Fisher, although I thought that they didn’t really need to show her face.

James and I concluded that this was better than Episode 7. The story was completely original and didn’t lean on nostalgia like Episode 7 did just a little too much. It also had a good balance of action and suspense, although maybe there could have been a few more lighter moments. There were a few plot holes here and there.

All of the actors were perfect, no complaints there, with some good characters, and K-2 is a worthy addition to the comic-relief-o-bots.

Earlier in the year there were reports that 40% of the film was being reshot, and the tone of the film was being changed. They obviously got it right, but it makes you wonder what it was like the first time around.

There were a few new types of Stormtrooper in this including the Deathtroopers who were pretty mean dudes.


I did wonder though why they included them as we never saw them in Episodes 4 to 6, but who cares? They were bad-ass!

Definitely one of my most fave films of the year.

Date watched: December 18th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2016: 198


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