My Science Project

I thought it was time to watch something in colour again, and made at least in the 1980’s, so I chose this 1985 film on YouTube.

The story involved a high school student (played by a 24 year old) about to flunk his science class and thus not be able to graduate. His teacher (played by Dennis Hopper) told him he needed to make a good science project to pass. So, he goes off to an old air force base to rustle up something to use as a science project. He comes across an alien device that was part of an alien ship that crashed in a flashback at the start of the film. It turns out this device is a time-warp gizmo, which causes all kinds of trouble.

Unfortunately, this was a bit of a jumbled mess with some scenes not making sense. The writers and director didn’t spend much time on making a coherent story, and instead tried to focus on thrills and lame jokes. Some of the jokes were very un-PC by today’s standards, especially those involving the main characters’s wise-cracking best friend.

The acting was acceptable, very 1980’s. Poor Dennis Hopper was typecast as an ex-hippy science teacher who has a strong dislike for the cops. He was doing his best though. The rest of the cast are relative unknowns, although Fisher Stevens is a familiar face.

This isn’t worth watching at all really. I wouldn’t say it is a complete disaster, but you would be better off watching Back to the Future or Weird Science (both came out in 1985 also).

The song over the end credits is probably the highlight of the film, really eighties.

Date watched: December 14th
Score: 3/10
Film count 2016: 195


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