Machine Gun Kelly

This was in my “Watch later” list on YouTube, I put it there because this is an early Charles Bronson film, and was directed by Roger Corman.

It loosely follows the story of the real Machine Gun Kelly (in the film he killed a few people with his Thompson machine gun, but in real life he did not use his gun on anyone).

Charles Bronson was quite good, his portrayal of the menacing and ill-tempered George Kelly was quite unnerving at times. Susan Cabot (her life story is tragic) as Kathryn Kelly was good as Kelly’s manipulating partner in crime (she was in real life a criminal before she met George). Actually the whole cast was pretty good.

This is not big budget stuff, but the story and acting carry it along well, and it is paced well.

Date watched: December 9th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2016: 193


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