David Crosby: If I Could Only Remember My Name – Debut album from Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash and sometimes Young fame. The Vatican puts this at number two in its “Top 10 Pop Albums of All Time” list. And Japanese musician Cornelius included it in his list of “10 Experimental Albums that Everyone Should Own.” It’s on my “Albums I’ll Listen to Maybe Twice a Year” list.


The Rolling Stones: Rolled Gold – This is a 1975 unauthorised double disc best of put out by the band’s label Decca. Got all the tunes you would expect, plus some older ones I have not heard, including an old Beatles number. Of the nine tracks on side one, only two are originals. The other three sides are all originals.


John Fogerty: Centerfield – Mr Fogerty was the lead singer of Creedence Clearwater Revival, he also wrote all their tunes. They are an ace band so bit of a pity this is a bit pedestrian, from the mid-80s so that probably explains its lacklustre appeal.


Eric Clapton: Just One Night – This is a double live album of Eric playing his classics at the Budokan Theatre in Tokyo in December 1979.


Buffalo Springfield: Last Time Around – Third and last Buffalo Springfield album, the band had pretty much disbanded by the time it was completed and in no song do all the members play together. It certainly sounds like contractual obligation LP with no real standout tunes. One song was the result of a radio competition where the lucky winner had their poem set to music. Neil Young on the cover looks like he’s already left the band.


Ringo Starr: Bad Boy – The seventh solo record by Ringo from 1978 (he was a busy boy after The Beatles, releasing loads of records), this is a Japanese version with Japanese lyric sheet, that’s about the only decent thing about this record, the lyric sheet and record sleeve. The tunes inside are pretty terrible.

Album Count 2016: 225

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