Few more CDs

Neil Finn: One Nil – This is Neil’s second solo record, released in 2001, Jim Keltner, legendary session drummer plays on this, he has drummed for three Beatles (not Macca), Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder and Neil Young amongst others. Go Jim!

Midnight Oil: Blue Sky Mining – Classic political rawk from 1990.

Sandie Shaw: The Collection – Sandie has been around for a while, The Smiths were fans and told her as much, so she recorded their song Hand in Glove, which unfortunately, is not this disc.

MTV Extreme: Alpine Chills and Glacial Beats – More compilations, one is chilled, the other noisy. I prefer the chilled version, Fatboy, Moby, Garbage, Massive Attack, all remixed. The noisy disc has Leftfield, Chemical Bros, Basement Jaxx and a bunch of others I have no idea about.

Paul Simon: Shining Like a National Guitar – This is the fifth greatest hits compilation of Paul’s, how many greatest hits can you have? Lots if you’re Paul.

Ella Fitzgerald: Forever Ella & The Essential Ella – I seem to be accumulating loads of Ella compilation CDs.

Album Count 2016: 208

I remember finding this video hilarious

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