Dark Passage

After watching so many B-grade films recently, and quite enjoying them, it was quite refreshing to see this 1947 film which just oozed class.

Humphrey Bogart played an escaped prisoner who was trying to clear his name from the murder of his wife, with the help of Lauren Bacall (his actual wife at the time).

For the first third of the film it was filmed in first-person view from Humphrey’s point of view which was interesting and quite well done. It wasn’t until after Humphrey had plastic surgery done on his face that we could actually see him.

The story was set in San Francisco with a lot of outdoor shots including the cable car, Golden Gate, and Filbert Street (the steepest street in S.F.), so that was good to see, especially in 1947.

The story is intriguing and moves along well. Humphrey is good, of course, but Lauren pretty much steals the show.

This is not right up there with other great Humphrey films like The Big Sleep, Casablanca, or Key Largo, but it is still very worthy.

Date watched: December 5th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2016: 190


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