Belle & Sebastian: Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance – Album number nine from this Scottish band who have been around for a while now.

Eric Clapton: Journeyman – Released in 1989 this record has a terrible 80s sound to it. So I have pretty much not listened to it properly.

Françoise Hardy: Tant De Belles Choses – Album number 24(!) from this French singer/songwriter. It’s all in French so have no idea what she’s on about.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Skeleton Tree – New record from Nick and co, and of course a sad one on account of his son’s death. But a pretty good one, the Bad Seeds are getting some really interesting sounds happening on this record. A quiet sad record.

Gaz Coombes: Matador – Gaz from Supergrass with his second album here, tops it is too. I need to listen to his record.

Hole: Celebrity Skin – Courtney Loves big moment in the sun, the third album before they broke up (Love did release another Hole record in 2010 with none of the original members), the producer of this record edged out the drummer during the recording of this apparently, what a knob.

Beck: Mutations – Top stuff from the Beck!

Beck: Sea Change – Beck went to the toppermost of the top for this record!

PJ Harvey: Rid of Me – Angry noisy PJ.

Album Count 2016: 185

Here’s Nick from a film which was released for one day when the record came out, it was in 3D!

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