And more CDs

Modern Jazz Quartet: Django – Nice Jazz recorded in 195, 54 and 55. Vibraphonist Milt “Bags” Jackson can famously be heard grunting and humming throughout the quieter numbers.

Moby: Last Night – Album number eight from Mr Moby.

Bălănescu Quartet: Possessed – Here we have a string quartet doing cover versions of Kraftwerk and others. Possessed indeed.

K.d. lang: Ingenue – Lang’s second and most well known record, pretty good too. The single “Constant Craving” inspired (albeit subconsciously) The Rolling Stones’ 1997 single “Anybody Seen My Baby?”, from their Bridges to Babylon album, with the result that the Stones gave writing credits on that song to Lang and her collaborator Ben Mink. That probably paid for a beach house.

Cafe Del Mar: Volumen Seis – Yet another Cafe Del Mar compilation, this one has Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawhney and Dusty Springfield.

Stevie Wonder: Song Review – A Greatest Hits Collection – 31 Stevie songs, can’t go wrong really but be better if the vapid Ebony and Ivory and soppy I Just Called to Say I Love You were missing.

You Am I: Hi Fi Way – This is a highly regarded Aussie album (appearing a few best of… lists etc) released in 1995. Wiki: Tim Rogers later said of the album, “I was really high and really drunk the whole time. My ambition for it was always huge, but we’re more suited to a scrappier sounding thing, with the way that I sing and play guitar. We had seven days to make it, living in New York.”

Björn Benny & Agnetha Frida: Ring Ring – Debut album from (what would be become) ABBA from 1973. Old as the hills.

Album Count 2016: 193

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