Away All Boats!

I felt like a film set on a boat, in World War Two, so I chose this one.

The story was about a navy ship called the “Belinda”, an attack transport ship (they transported soldiers, tanks, and stuff to battle) and it’s new and seemingly stern captain and his desire to make the ship the best attack transport in the fleet, which in turn would help him to get a commission on a glorious cruiser. There were other characters in the film also with ulterior motives and flaws, but in the end it was all about how the “Belinda” became a great ship with a great crew, and saved some soldiers from a battle on a Pacific Island.

There was some comedy relief along the way of course…

Clint Eastwood made a very brief five second appearance (this was made when he was a struggling actor, two years before he was on Rawhide). I didn’t realise this until after watching the film.

Clint on a boat

This was very standard stuff, but it is what you learn about after that makes it worthwhile, stuff like the history of the war, and the actors involved, including poor Clint who was really down in the dumps at the time. Also, I now know all about “garbage grinding”, never knew that existed in the navy. Fascinating!

Date watched: December 2nd
Score: 6.5/10
Educate-o-meter: 8/10
Film count 2016: 188


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