More discs

The Tea Party: The Edges of Twilight – Not quite my cup of tea this. Bit MOR.

The Wannadies: Yeah – This record has a weird Swedish Nirvana/Pixies knock-off sound. Switched off after one-and-a-half songs.

David Bowie: changesonebowie – Excellent Bowie compilation from 1976, containing 11 slices of Bowie genius.

The Bees: Sunshine Hit Me – Excellent debut album recorded in a garden shed. Tops stuff.

Enzso: The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra doing Split Enz tunes. Unfortunately Dave Dobbyn turns up on a couple of tracks to completely ruin it.

Tojamura 7: Shores of Darkness – I know the guitar player in this London band, he and I wrote and illustrated a book about Ukuleles. The band itself is a surf band, and pretty decent it is too.

Hubert Laws: The Laws of Jazz & Flute By-Laws – Excellent fluting by Hubert. This one CD is Huberts first two albums, originally released in 1964 and 1966.

Cafe del Mar: Vol 7 – Moby is the only recognisable artist I know on this. There have been 20 of these compilations released so far. And Cafe Del Mar is an actual cafe, located in Ibiza (doof doof!) they branched out to release ambient music compilations.

Sleeper: The It Girl – Good old Britpop. Singing about baking cakes and name checking Dostrovsky. And that’s just the first tune.

Album Count 2016: 176

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