Mary Lou Williams: I Made You Love Paris – Mary Lou recorded more than a 100 records and wrote hundreds of compositions. What a champ.

Bill Evans: Finest Hour – Zap zap Bill.

Veruca Salt: Eight Arms to Hold You – Album number two from these Chicagoans, from 1997, just read they released a record in 2015. Wonder what that is like?

The Wolfgang Press: Funky Little Demons – I got into these guys back in the day as they are on the excellent 4AD label (Pixies, Belly, Throwing Muses etc), not sure if I had this record back in the day, picked this up at the Dubbo Swap Meet along with some LPs.

Fleetwood Mac: Chains – This is a huge 4 disc best of, terrible packaging, hardly any info just a big plastic box full of CDs. Anyway, all the classics along with filler.

Kasabian: Velociraptor! – My mate in England is good friends with this band’s manager, at his stag do he pulled out a massive block of hash. All very rock and roll but nobody partook in it as we were busy dressing up as vikings and kings. Catchy record.

Grandaddy: Why We Won’t single – Woohoo new Grandaddy, I have since pre-ordered the LP, which isn’t being released until March but this tune is a nice stop-gap until then.

Album Count 2016: 163

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