Eels: Meet the Eels: Essential Eels, Vol. 1 (1996–2006) – This is a greatest hits by the Eels, who are an OK band I guess. 24 tracks with a bonus DVD of music videos I’ve not even looked at yet (got this for a $1 at an op-shop).

Chris Isaak: Beyond the Sun & First Comes the Night – Chris is 60 years old, I thought he was much younger! Anyway, these two records are from 2011 & 2015, so pretty recent. Beyond the Sun is a covers record featuring Sun Recording artists such as Elvis, Jerry, Roy, Johnny and Carl. It was recorded at Sun Studios too. First Comes the Night is all originals, pretty standard Chris stuff throughout.

Fatboy Slim: Dance Bitch – Another noisy mix album from Fatboy. Chemical Brothers and a bunch of other artists I’ve not even heard are on here.

Betchadupa: Aiming for Your Head – These guys are from NZ but have only released two albums, Liam Finn is in the band and he’s doing well as a solo artist so there probably won’t be anymore albums from this band. I’ve not got around to giving it a listen yet.

Album Count 2016: 153

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