Compact Discs

We All Love Ella: Celebrating The First Lady of Song – This tribute compilation has a great live version of Stevie and Ella singing You Are the Sunshine of My Life. The rest is other people doing Ella. So go listen to Ella’s versions instead.

Tony Bennett: Astoria – Portrait of the Artist – Not really had a listen to this, and not the biggest Tony fan out there but the CD had a nice cover and was well put together. And was only $1.

Louis Armstrong: Super Hits – Can never get enough of Louie.

The Rolling Stones: Stripped Bare – Picked this up at the library, it’s some weird reissue of a live compilation called Stripped. Not sure what the difference is with this version though. Great tunes of course.

Weezer: Blum Album – Classic stuff this, probably my favourite Weezer album.

Neil Young: Chrome Dreams II – Neil and his loud guitar and his loud band playing loud long songs (one clocks in at 18 minutes!). Tops.

TMBG: Glean & Why? – THBG were having an online download sale, so I scored these two gems for $5 each. Why? Is another kids record, so is rather amusing and Glean is there last record proper. All good but not as great as their earlier stuff.

This is Cult Fiction – Quite a good compilation (total cash-in of Pulp Fiction soundtrack) of hits made popular by Tarantino.

The Ting Tings: We Started Nothing – Very catchy tunes on here. Wonder what they’re up to these days?

Album Count 2016: 148

Here’s Ella and Tom:

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