The Big Bluff

My film noir-athon continues with this 1955 B-grade film.

The acting, production, directing, and especially the sound were all decidedly B-grade, but the story was actually quite good. It involved an unscrupulous, but dashing chap plotting to get rich by marrying a young woman who has hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and who also only has a year left to live due to some unexplained illness. The plot goes to plan until the well done ending.

Something you will notice in these old films is the smoking, they do it a lot. In this film the lead actor was constantly lighting a cancer stick and never actually finished one. He would often coolly light one up, have a puff or two, then throw it away to continue on with his dastardly plot.

At only seventy minutes long it is worth a watch just for the plot alone.

Date watched: November 25th
Score: 5/10
Cigarette count: unknown, wasn’t counting, but plenty
Film count 2016: 185


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