More Long Players

David Bowie: Blackstar – I first ordered this vinyl copy of Bowie’s last album not long after his death, but it quickly sold out before I could get it, so I waited awhile and re-ordered and finally it’s here. And a corker too of course, only eight tracks but tops they all are. The title track is spooky Bowie for almost 10 minutes, check out the video below. I probably put this on a spin at least once a week, the packaging on this is superbness, die-cut star showing the vinyl, all black, lyric book, all very nice. With spooky photos of the man himself. Here is a story about the artwork.


The Moody Blues: Seventh Sojourn – Maybe not the best buy here actually, but it’s a gatefold with weird artwork, pity the tunes inside are a tad turgid.

The Cure: Boys Don’t Cry – This is a compilation album from 1980 (but was released in the States as an alternative version of their debut record), the song Boys Don’t Cry is the most famous tune, loving that 80s graphic cover.

REM: Document – Top stuff from these chaps, I never really had time for them for them back in day, Stipes funny dancing in the music videos put me off. Now I don’t care how people dance. This is album five, from 1987, has that catchy tune It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) and a Wire cover Strange. Plus The One I Love.

Sal Kimber: Southern Light – Ana went to a gig in our friends backyard and came back with this LP (actually she came home first, regretted not buying it for me so went back), nice Australian regional country/folk stuff. Private house hosted gigs are getting popular apparently, the artists find them better than noisy pubs as do the patrons.

The Moody Blues: A Question of Balance – So I didn’t listen to the earlier Moody Blues record I got before getting this one, probably would have abstained from getting this but again, gatefold sleeve with weirder artwork got me. Again, turgid inside.

Culture Club: Colour by Numbers – At $4 the Culture Club was a bargain, Karma Chameleon is on here of course, and the 80s cover artwork is brill.

Album Count 2016: 138

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