I decided against watching The Wild Ride for the moment, it seems to be a very B-Grade film which I did not feel like watching for the moment. Instead, I watched Nightfall (1957), which as it turns out is also a B-Grade film, but a classy one.

The story involved a commercial artist who is being chased by two vicious bank robbers (one of them played by Brian Keith) who want to find out where he hid their three hundred and fifty grand that they mistakingly left at his campsite in the mountains. Anne Bancroft plays a woman he meets in a bar, and of course falls in love with. And there is an insurance investigator also hot on the trail of the money, played by James Gregory.

The highlight of this film was Aldo Ray who played the artist, he was such a natural actor and had a unique voice. He was instantly likeable, and while he had a long career in Hollywood it was a troubled one with the usual drinking problems and hard times. He is the father of Eric DaRe, who played Leo Johnson in Twin Peaks.

The cinematography, especially in the mountains of Wyoming, was great.


All in all this was a good film, well worth a watch for noir fans.

Date watched: November 19th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2016: 183


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