As promised, I watched a 1960 film in honour of The Cruiser.

This is a supernatural film about a guy who doesn’t save his unhinged ex-lover from death, and she returns to haunt him. He is also about to get married, but ghost lover pretty much puts an end to the marriage. He dies at the end in the same fashion the ex-lover died, of course.

I could have chosen a better film in The Cruiser’s honour though, as this was only adequately acted, and was rather silly for the most part, Tommo deserves more than that.

The sound in this was pretty bad at times, especially the scenes on the beach where the sound of the waves drowned out the dialogue at times.

There was one actor who played a blackmailing “ferry-driving beatnik” who looked very familiar, but I couldn’t place him. It turns out he played “Floyd the bartender” in The Shining


And Dr. Eldon Tyrell in Bladerunner…


So that now makes watching this film all worthwhile. Joe Turkel is him name, and he is 89 now. He is one of only two actors to have appeared in a Stanley Kubrick film three times (The Killing, Paths of Glory, and The Shining). This is what he looked like in Tormented


So, as a film it was nothing great, but to later find out I had seen the great Joe Turkel in his youth was well worth it.

And talking about seeing actors in their youth, I almost watched a film called “The Wild Ride” which was only Jack Nicholson’s third film, so I may watch that tonight.

Date watched: November 18th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2016: 182


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