Vinyl purchases


Arlo Guthrie: Alice’s Restaurant – This is Arlo’s debut record, from 1967, side one is taken up by one of his most famous songs, the 18 minute Alice’s Restaurant Massacre. That song in turn, inspired the 1969 film Alice’s Restaurant, which starred Arlo. Side two has some good tunes too, The Motorcycle Song being one of them.


Paul Simon: Still Crazy After All These Years – This is solo album number four from Paul (Art makes an appearance on it, the first time since they broke up), a smiling Paul on a fire escape in (I’m guessing) New York beams out from the cover. He certainly looks the dude in his big hat and big moustache.


Santana: Amigos – Album number seven from Carlos and crew, released in 1976, has suitably spacey cover artwork

Album Count 2016: 123

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