I did not know this before hand, but it turns out Sam Raimi was influenced (although Wikipedia says this is not confirmed) by this 1970 film when making Evil Dead.

This was made for a mere $6,500, and it very much shows with amateur acting and crude but effective stop-motion monsters.

The story involves four young adults looking for a lost scientist and discover an evil book that unleashes beasties which get awful angry and kill almost all of them. And one character is possessed, Ash style, and attempts to kill the surviving member. All very similar plot to Evil Dead in many ways.

If you are a hardcore Evil Dead fan, then this might be worth checking out, just to see the similarities. For people who like well-polished and acted films then you should give it a miss. I for one enjoy a good bad film every now and then, and I enjoyed this one somewhat.

Date watched: November 13th
Score: 5/10
Film count 2016: 179


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