Monsbourgh & His Late Hour Boy: Wild Life – Ade Monsbourgh was an Aussie jazz dude, I’ve not given this a decent listen as yet.
Stan Kenton: The Ballad Style Of Stan Kenton – Some ballads by Stan and his band from 1958.
Freddie Hubbard: Open Sesame – Freddie’s debut record from 1960, aces.
Marianne Faithful: Broken English – Marianne with her most famous record, she was living on the streets of London and was a heroin addict before this came out!
Charlie Parker: Jazz Masters 15 – Can’t beat Charlie.
Electric Light Orchestra: All Over the World – All the hits plus the filler.
Annie Lennox: Medusa – This has a few recognisable tunes. Tops. Mostly covers like Whiter Shade of Pale and The Clash’s Train in Vain.
Billy Idol: Idol Songs – Good old William Michael Albert Broad belting out his hits of yesteryear. Hot in the City is my personal favourite, I still remember taping it off the radio but my brother catching me dancing through the bedroom window.

Album Count 2016: 113

Look at Billy go:

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