The Jade Mask

Charlie Chan (played by an American actor with his eyes pinched) has to solve the murder of an unpopular scientist in his home, along with son number 4 (played by a real Chinese actor).

This was actually quite entertaining with lots of attempts at humour, mostly from Charlie’s insults towards his own son, and numerous proverbs such as:

“My boy, if silence is golden, you are bankrupt.” – talking about his son.
“Every time you open your mouth you put in more feet than centipede. Remain here and produce nothing but silence.” – again talking to his son.
“No barber shaves so close but another barber finds some work to do.”

The story was set inside the scientists high-tech house, and all of the people inside were suspects, so Charlie had to figure out which one dunnit. There were lots of clues, and the body count by the end of the film was quite high, with all people being killed by a poison dart. The explanation of the crime at the end was quite bizarre and funny, although one piece of the puzzle was not explained well.

There are many Charlie Chan films and I doubt I will be able to get through all of them, but I will certainly try a few more.

At the end of the film was an advertisement to movie-goers to buy bonds to support the troops (this was made in 1945).

Date watched: November 6th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2016: 173


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