With this film I have now equalled my all time record, set last year, of 170 films watched in a year, and still have eight weeks to go. And this one was a worthy record-equaller.

This is a Werner Herzog film, so greatness is pretty much guaranteed anyway. The lead actor in this, Bruno S., was an interesting fellow who had a very troubled upbringing, and from what I have read is not really acting at all, just playing himself, which seems very likely given his eccentric performance. Werner actually wrote the script especially for Bruno S. Another actor in this also seemed to be playing himself, and also quite the oddity.

The story is simple and not at all uplifting, but at times is funny, sometimes quite bizarre, especially the ending that included a great line from a police cop (I won’t give it away).

This was the last film Ian Curtis watched before he died, which is how I found this film: Watched the Ray Liotta film “Control” –> researched on interwebs finding another film called “Control” about the life of Ian Curtis –> researched Ian Curtis on Wikipedia –> found “Stroszek. Serendipity is a nice thing!

Highly recommended to all except those that consider Tom Cruise films to be the best films made ever.

Date watched: November 2nd
Score: 10/10
Film count 2016: 170


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