After watching The Slams I again let YouTube play whatever was next in the related videos list, so watched a few minutes of this before deciding to watch it the next day. But, when I went back last night I found that it had been removed from YouTube. So, I sought it out on the internet and found it elsewhere.

The opening scene set the tone for the whole film: cheaply made and very badly acted.

In the opening credits we see that Rudy Ray Moore not only stars in this, but he also produced and wrote the story, with another actor directing it. We also see in the end credits that Rudy Ray did the hip set design.

I looked up Rudy Ray on Wikipedia and found that he was a comedian and had made a few comedy records which sold quite well even though they were extremely rude and expletive-ridden, and he used the earnings to finance this film. He was also known as “the godfather of rap”, the reasons for which are obvious in this film (Snoop Dogg said: “Without Rudy Ray Moore, there would be no Snoop Dogg, and that’s for real.”).

So this film is all about Rudy Ray Moore, or more correctly his persona Dolemite, and just how great he is with the ladies, likes fine clothes, can kick ass with karate, swears like a MF, and is a great (rapping’) poet. The story is basically about Dolemite being given a chance to get out of prison (for a crime he did not commit) if he cleans up the gangs in the neighbourhood which have gotten out of control since he was sent away.

This is a hard one to score as it is truly bad, yet at times it was just fun to watch because it was so just unbelievably bad. Rudy Ray Moore obviously thought a lot of himself, which makes for fun watching.

There were a few sequels, so I am going to watch The Human Tornado next.

Date watched: October 26th
Number of times Dolemite said “Motherfather”: lost count
SBIG (so bad it’s good) score: 8/10
Score: 4/10
Film count 2016: 166


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