Dolemite II: The Human Tornado

I had to subject myself to more Dolemite, so I watched this not long after writing the review for the first film.

It started out with Dolemite doing a stand-up routine in a nightlclub…


…insulting the guests to raucous laughter. It then got into the story about saving his nightclub and two kidnapped dancers from a rival nightclub owner, a side story of a backwoods sheriff out to kill Dolemite, and general chaos.

Here is the plot from Wikipedia:

After coming off a successful comedy tour, Dolemite throws a get-together at his mansion, there he announces that he is to offer his mansion to the person that started a drive for a new boys’ home, then is rudely interrupted by the local sheriff and his deputies because they’re a group of black people having a party, thus causing trouble. Turns out the Sheriff’s wife is offering Dolemite money for sexual services. When the sheriff catches them red handed, he promptly shoots his wife. Dolemite and his friends kidnap a young man and his car and decide to head to California where he is to meet Queen Bee, only to find out that the local mob man, Joe Cavaletti kidnapped two of her girls and forced her to close down her joint and work for him. Dolemite must rescue Queen Bee, her girls and teach the grease balls a lesson all the while being chased by his hometown’s sheriff for the murder of his wife he pinned on him.

The final scenes are similar to much of the era’s kung fu scenes along with the expected added sound effects, and a fight with none other than the “Central American Nunchuck champion”.

The credits were great:



Here is a screenshot of Dolemite jumping over a wall, completely in the nude, and about to roll down a rather high embankment. Rudy Ray was obviously proud of this scene and replayed it whilst narrating “So you all don’t believe I jumped huh?! Watch this good s**t!”. Ha!


The final fight scene at the rival nightclub owner’s house was a hoot with Dolemite running around busting ass using his kung-fu skills, sometimes sped up.

Here he is about to take on the Central American Nunchuck champion…


The cops bust up the fight, including this weird cop…


All good fun, just as good as the first, but not better.

Date watched: October 26th
Number of times Dolemite said “Motherfather”: wasn’t counting, but less than in Dolemite
Score: 4/10
Film count 2016: 167


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